Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

Van den Bergh’s is a family owned and run business.

With Leather Furniture the experience is personal, and the product is tailored for you. We have an existing range of tried and tested designs. These can however be altered in length, depth, height, interchangeable trimmings and colour to suit you.

Couches can be custom fit and redesigned as corner units, u-shaped units and L-shaped units. Styles can be re imagined and shaped to fit the look you need. The design process is an easy one. I consult with you, ascertain your needs, assess your room and get a really good idea of what you like and what you are most comfortable on, and then I propose a solution for leather furniture.

Sometimes I generate drawings with measurements in 3 D so that you can really see what you will be getting. I can also include your room size and draw an overview so that you can see exactly how your new lounge suite will fit. It is a service and approach to lounge suite making unlike any other in SA.

Leather Furniture South Africa